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Aloevera Herbal Gel 100 g.

Aloevera Herbal Gel 100 g.

Aloevera Herbal Gel 100 g.

This Super Gel is the produce of various qualities of Aloe Vera. This all-in-one gel has many uses including antiseptic, pain-relief, anti-infection, mosquito repellent aid, removing heel cracks etc.

Antiseptic for burns, wounds and cuts.

Relieves from all types of pains and aches such as headaches, body-ache, back-pain, muscle pull and strain in joints.

Beneficial in treating skin diseases such as allergies, infections, black spots, itching etc.

Removes heel cracks.

Keeps mosquitoes away.

Usage :

Burns : Wash the burn with cold water and apply on the affected area.

Wounds and cuts : Clean the surrounding of the wound or cut and apply on the affected area.

Pains, aches, pulls and strains : Apply on the body-part or area and keep it open for some time.

Allergies, infections, spots, itching etc. : Clean the body surface and apply gently.

Heel cracks : Wash the heels properly. Apply on heels before going to bed.

Mosquito Repellent : Apply on body at night. 

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