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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

It is evident that the Indian people have a tremendous passion for medicinal plants and use them for a wide range of health related applications from a common cold to memory improvement and treatment of poisonous snake bites to a cure for muscular dystrophy and the enhancement of body’s general immunity.  In the oral traditions local communities in every ecosystem from the trans NARCs down to the coastal plains have discovered the medical uses of thousands of plants found locally in their ecosystem.  India has one of the richest plant medical culture in the world.  It is a culture that is of tremendous contemporary relevance because it can on one hand ensure health security to millions of people and on the other hand it can provide new and safe herbal drugs to the entire world.  There are estimated to be around 25000 effective plant based formulations used in folk medicine and known to rural communities all over India and around 10000 designed formulations are available in the indigenous medical texts

These Ayurvedic Plants are used to:-

Isolate pure active compounds for formulation into drugs (guinini, reserpine, digoxin etc.)

Isolate intermediates for the production of semi-synthetic drugs

Prepare standardized galenicals (abstracts, powders, tinctures etc.)  If one is to produce known pure  phytopharmaceutical used in modern medicine more processing stages.

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